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The collaborators


“It takes a lifetime
to create the effortless.”

Luigi Rosselli - Architect

Based in Sydney, Luigi Rosselli Architects take a humanist approach to architecture and design; not eager to win awards, but to instil good design and humane architecture that develop affinities, creating sympathetic buildings that flow and appeal.

The team works under the guidance of Architect, Luigi Rosselli, who has more than three decades of international experience covering Milano, Switzerland, New York and Sydney.

All their residential work has a sensual quality which finds its lushest expression in highly tactile materiality, elegant spatial planning and a mindful approach to setting.

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“We strive for comfortable, effortless and refined luxury.”

Romaine Alwill - Interiors

With some 30 years of combined experience in the design industry, Alwill Interiors comprises a small team of six talented designers who specialise in tailored residential and boutique commercial projects and offer a personal service.

Alwill believes in having a strong concept, tailored to the individual client, which informs and responds to every aspect of design. From the bigger picture planning to the way one object sits next to another, they strive for comfortable, effortless and refined luxury in all their projects.

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“ A unique quality of design and craftsmanship in every project. ”

Primo Developments - Developer

Since 2014, Primo has partnered with award-winning architects and designers in Australia to provide bespoke apartments in the gorgeous suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne.

They uphold a reputation for innovative new developments that aim to redefine modern architecture, while maintaining a strong focus on quality craftsmanship.

Their intelligently designed, beautifully crafted bespoke apartments aim to exceed expectations in every way possible. Primo’s work has won the 2018 Award for Residential Architecture to setting – Multiple Housing from Australian Institute of Architects and the 2018 Excellence in Housing from Master Builders Association.

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Architectural statement

“My home shall be open for the sun and the wind and the voices of the sea – like a Greek temple – and light, light, light everywhere!” – Axel Munthe, Villa San Michele.

I always dreamed to build on the edge of a high cliff ridge as Edgeciff. A place where you look out from your balcony and the world below is a miniature. It is very much like living on the edge of the world. A place for contemplation must have large balconies to pay tribute to the Sydney climate allowing an “indoor-outdoor” lifestyle all year round.

We developed a slender design with some graceful curves to give a slight nod to Brasilian Modernist Oscar Niemeyer but instead of using primary colour accents Luigi Rosselli Architects and interior designer Romaine Alwill chose to take inspiration from the local setting, opting for natural finishes, stone reused from site, clay bricks feature screens and earthy textured renders and materials to give depth.

The developer, Primo Development, have been committed from the start to create a premium quality residence that follows the design concept, and to pay homage to its surrounding. LRA and Primo Development has previously created two award wining apartment buildings in Bellevue Hills and work as a team towards a very high standard of design.

Sydney as a geographical entity is very much a mixture of surf, harbour, and cliffs. Within a 60minutes drive you can be out in the Blue Mountains, and in 6min you are by the sea. It is different from any other place in the world, and with a sense about living on the edge of a continent. You’re at this kind of juncture of a tectonic plate. The idea that the Pacific Ocean is right behind us, conceptually, is an interesting place to be.

Luigi Rosselli, Luigi Rosselli Architects

Interiors statement

The interiors feature a richly textured palette of neutral tones and finishes showing off organic shapes and forms that are signature to Luigi Roselli’s work. Dovetailing with Alwill Interiors overlay of warmth and use of authentic natural materials, this elegant palette is timeless, subtle yet modern and rich at the same time. Natural timbers combined with concrete detailing and bronze accents create a luxurious yet grounded and calm interior.

Fittings are modern with expressed details to layer up the interior and the use of soft lighting and tonal colour create an understated interior and base palette for any style of decorating. A deep understanding of integrating architectural forms and interior elements is the strength of unity for LRA and Alwill Interiors in this project.

Romaine Alwill, Alwill Interiors

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